Check out the list below to get an idea of our areas of expertise – as well as how far we can stretch to cover different styles and topics. In addition to the publications you’ll see here, our sample projects will give you a taste of the broad range of content we write and edit for international higher education audiences, including websites, brochures, reports, accreditation applications, and more.

5 International Marketing Lessons for Domestic Recruitment
Guest post on Inside Higher Ed Call to Action blog (by Megan Brenn-White, March 2016)

The International Accreditation Process for Business Schools: Benchmarking Experiences and Sharing Best Practices
The Brenn-White Group white paper (by Megan Brenn-White, February 2016)

5 Ways International Students View Your Website Differently
Guest post on Inside Higher Ed Call to Action blog (by Megan Brenn-White, January 2016)

Make the Most of Student Recruitment Fairs: Five Tips for Recruiters
Guest post on The Economist Careers Network (by Megan Brenn-White, January 2016)

The Guessing Game: Where Will Your International Students Come from in 10 Years? 
Guest post on Inside Higher Ed Call to Action blog (by Megan Brenn-White, November 2015)

Guide to Using Live Chat and Webinars to Recruit International Students
Published by StudyPortals/EduCoach – Personalised Online Advising for Study in Europe Orientation (by Queenie Lam, Megan Brenn-White, and Sissy Böttcher, September 2014)

Optimizing English-Language Websites for International Audiences
Published by GATE Germany/DAAD (by Jill Madison and Megan Brenn-White, February 2014)

Measuring Student Interest in European Joint and Double Degree Programs
Chapter in book published by the Institute of International Education (IIE) and DAAD (by Megan Brenn-White and Elias Faethe, January 2014)

The Rise of Real-Time, Web-Based Recruitment 
Published by IIENetworker (by Laura Montgomery, fall 2013)

Highlights from “The Future of the World’s Mobile Students to 2024” 
Our overview of key topics and facts from the British Council’s Education Intelligence report.

Avoiding the 5 Most Common Mistakes in Translating Marketing Materials
Guest post on A Global Dialogue, official EAIE blog (by Megan Brenn-White, September 2013)

Seamless Student Recruitment: Integrating Print and Online Marketing Channels
Guest post on A Global Dialogue, official EAIE blog (by Laura Montgomery, September 2013)

English-Taught Masters Programs in Europe: A 2013 Update
Update on 2012 white paper published by the IIE Center for Academic Mobility Research (by Megan Brenn-White and Elias Faethe, 2013)

Editorial Processes for International Websites
Published as a supplement to the EAIE Internationalisation Handbook (by Megan Brenn-White, 2013)

Optimizing English-Language Websites for International Audiences
Published by GATE Germany/DAAD (by Sara Bobo, Megan Brenn-White, and Laura Montgomery, 2012)

Optimizing University Websites for International Audiences
Paper for the 2012 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education (by Laura Montgomery, November 2012)

Why Worry about Your Website in the Age of Social Media?
Guest post on A Global Dialogue, official EAIE blog (by Laura Montgomery and Michiel Doetjes, October 2012)

Auf dem Weg zur globalen Hochschule – Internationales Marketing für morgen
Papers from GATE-Germany Marketing-Kongress 2011 published by W. Bertelsmann Verlag (includes presentation by Megan Brenn-White, 2012)

Marketing Checklists
This great series of checklists includes tips for websites and other marketing materials targeting international students. The checklists cover topics such as design, content, target audiences, and relationship marketing. Published by GATE Germany/DAAD (edited by Megan Brenn-White, 2012)

English-Taught Masters Programs in Europe: New Findings on Supply and Demand
Published by the IIE Center for Academic Mobility Research (by Megan Brenn-White and Edwin van Rest, 2012)

Trends in International Academic and Research Staff Recruitment: Insights from 2012 European Career Fair Exhibitor Survey
Published by and The Brenn-White Group (by Laura Montgomery, 2012)

Localization Strategies for Global E-Business
Published by Cambridge University Press (editorial services provided by The Brenn-White Group, 2012)

Was Gäste interessiert: Man darf Kritik nicht scheuen
Published by duz (Megan Brenn-White interviewed by Monika Pirklbauer, 2012)

Transitions and Transformations in Study Abroad
Published by inChemistry (by Megan Brenn-White, 2011)

Overview of Current Marketing Initiatives by Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and National Agencies Within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), Focusing on Marketing the EHEA
Report on results of survey carried out by DAAD for the IPN working group of the EHEA (by Megan Brenn-White and Irene Jansen, 2011)

Weaving Success: Voices of Change in African Higher Education
This book shares the stories of individuals whose dedication, vision, and actions have elicited innovative changes at many African universities over the past decade. Published by IIE (edited by Megan Brenn-White, 2011)

European Schools in America, American Schools in Europe: Outposts Along the Path to the Global University
Published by IIENetworker (by Laura Montgomery, Martha Meritt, and Maureen Miller, 2010)

Higher Education in the United States: What German Universities Need to Know to Recruit, Collaborate, and Compete
Definitive guide to the US higher education market for German university administrators and faculty, published as part of a series from GATE Germany/DAAD with W. Bertelsmann Verlag (by Megan Brenn-White, 2010)

Advancing Sustainability: Alcoa Foundation’s Conservation and Sustainability Fellowship Program
A publication celebrating the first five years of a prestigious fellowship program administered by IIE and funded by the Alcoa Foundation (by Megan Brenn-White, 2010)

Trends in English-Taught Master’s Programs in Europe
Published by IIENetworker (by Megan Brenn-White and Edwin van Rest, 2010)

Recruiting North Americans for Doctoral Study in Germany: An Assessment of German Universities’ and Graduate Schools’ Online Presence
Published by DAAD New York (by Laura Montgomery and Catherine Detrow, 2009)

Architecture Students on the Road
Published by Canadian Student (by Megan Brenn-White, 2009)

Earn a Master’s Degree in Europe
Published by Canadian Student (by Megan Brenn-White, 2008)

Graduate School Abroad: Sweeping Reform Presents Opportunities for Students
Published by inChemistry from the American Chemical Society (by Megan Brenn-White, 2008)

The Science of Study Abroad: Why Scientists and Engineers Don’t Go Abroad, Why They Should, and How to Make it Happen
Published by IIE Networker (by Megan Brenn-White, 2005)